Provider Code of Conduct

(January, 1 2012)

Trust Master, LLC recognizes that the success of its Preferred Provider Network in association with its Home Management Plans requires use of qualified and reputable service and product providers. Trust Master believes it is important that all providers be responsible citizens and share in our philosophy concerning matters of social, environmental, and working conditions.

We strive to build relationships with reputable and qualified providers that share our commitment to promote good practices. We expect all the providers in our network to respect fundamental human rights, to provide reasonable and healthy working conditions, and to treat their workforces fairly, with dignity and respect. Therefore, we developed this provider code of conduct.

To function as one of our preferred providers, each provider must accept the following general responsibilities and maintain the minimum standards set forth below regarding conditions of employment for employees assigned to Trust Master customers. In addition, all providers must commit to communicating this Code of Conduct to their subcontractors. We require adherence to these expectations as a condition of all providers’ ongoing relationships with Trust Master.

  1. We are committed to fair treatment and equal employment opportunities. We recognize, respect, and support an employee's legitimate expectation to be treated fairly and the right to equal employment opportunity. Accordingly, providers shall implement and maintain a clear and effective complaint resolution process for their employees. All provider employees should be able to work in an environment free of harassment and unlawful discrimination by another employee or supervisor. Providers shall comply with all applicable laws and Trust Master policy prohibiting discrimination.
  2. Provider’s employees assigned to Trust Master customers shall be offered competitive compensation and benefits. Wages and conditions of work offered by providers shall be competitive within each respective market. Providers shall determine the appropriate wage rates and wage progressions offered to each employee within the market-specific wage ranges; however, providers shall pay at least the minimum wage required by state and federal law and we encourage providers to pay employees a decent wage. Additionally, all benefits required by federal, state and local laws and regulations must be provided.
  3. We expect compliance with the law and encourage our providers to exceed minimal legal requirements. Providers shall follow the governing federal, state, and local laws regarding wages, benefits, hours of work, overtime, meal and break periods, safety, and those governing rights and responsibilities with respect to all other aspects of work and working conditions. We encourage providers to look for opportunities to provide and develop human resource policies and programs designed to establish them as “employers of choice."
    Providers shall possess all applicable business, contractor, and/or trade licenses or other appropriate licenses or certifications required by applicable state or local law. Providers shall not have had such a license suspended within the past five years.
  4. We care for the environment. Providers must always strive to minimize potential damaging effects to the environment. Accordingly, providers shall strive to reduce adverse environmental impacts by reducing waste and emissions to air, ground, and water; handling, storing, and disposing of hazardous waste in a legally and environmentally safe manner; and recycling, as appropriate, used products and other material.
  5. We partner with women- and minority-owned suppliers. We look forward to the opportunity to work with qualified women- and minority-owned providers, subcontractors, and vendors – as well as those with high minority representation, and we value their unique contributions to the overall process.
  6. We support companies that, like Trust Master, in turn support the communities in which they live. We believe that providers, who adhere to this Code of Conduct, particularly as to compensation and benefits, the environment, and partnership with women- and minority-owned suppliers, support and contribute to the growth of the local community in which our employees and customers live.

We encourage providers to utilize local building trades and craft-training programs to develop skilled trade workers for the future. For example, we value participation in programs that enable former members of the military to transition from any branch of the armed forces to the building trades, or to train urban youth in vocational training programs.

We reserve the right to audit compliance with these expectations, periodically, and providers agree to cooperate in all such reviews. If and when we determine that one or more areas need improvement, providers agree to work with us toward achieving full compliance with these standards as efficiently as possible.


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