What is eHomeManage?

A) eHomeManage is a set of online home management tools featuring both a customized Home Profile of essential home inventories, and a library of Home Reports consisting of important service schedules tailored to each homes exact requirements. Both allow homeowners to access important information about their home, including a list of pre-qualified local service providers aligned with home inventory items categorized in the Home Profile.

B) eHomeManage is both an online Service Request feature that automatically connects homeowners to pre-qualified local service providers specific to the home's unique service requirements, and a Maintenance Messaging feature that notifies homeowners via email or text about upcoming home services that need to be scheduled.

C) eHomeManage is also an online File Manager that homeowners can conveniently store and organize important documents about their home, and an electronic Note Manager to easily document the homes service history for future reference.

How much does eHomeManage cost?

The cost of eHomeManage is included with our monthly support plans.

What Internet browser should I use?

Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 7 or higher, or Mozilla Firefox 17 or higher are recommended. Difficulties are known to occur when other Internet browsers are used. You can download Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers free of charge at www.microsoft.com or www.mozilla.org respectively.

What are the minimum computer processing requirements?

eHomeManage works best with Windows XP or higher and MAC OS 9 or higher. Your computer may take longer to process the information in eHomeManage if these requirements are not met. In addition, we recommend your viewing screen resolution be set to a minimum resolution of 1280x960.

How do I access my eHomeManage information?

Once your eHomeManage account has been processed, you will receive a “Welcome to eHomeManage!” email with your temporary username (email address) password. This will be indication that you can login to www.ehomemanage.com using your secure username and temporary password.

How do I choose a new eHomeManage password?

Choose a password that is easy for you to remember, but hard for others to guess. Your password must be a minimum of seven characters and is case sensitive and cannot include symbols. Please keep in mind that only you will know your password; Trust Master does not have access to your password.

Can I change my eHomeManage password online?

Yes. You can change your confidential password at anytime online by accessing “Your Account” page through the eHomeManage portal.

I forgot my password. How can I get a new one?

You can get a new password by going to the eHomeManage Portal login page and entering your email address below the question “Forget your password?” Once you “Submit” your email address a new password will be generated and then emailed to you. Once you have received your new password you can then log in and change your password to something you can easily remember by accessing “Your Account” and then entering and confirming your new password.

What if I have a question about how to use eHomeManage?

You can call the Trust Master direct line at 763-213-0700 between 8-5 Monday-Friday. In addition, links to helpful user instruction sheets can be accessed through the “Upload/Access Files” feature of the File Manager located on the left navigation bar of eHomeManage.

Can others view my eHomeManage information?

You may give others access to your eHomeManage information by giving them your username (email address) and confidential password. In addition, we can add multiple clients to your account to access your eHomeManage information.

Can I access multiple eHomeManage property addresses?

Yes. Multi home/property owners can access multiple eHomeManage Home Profiles and associated account information from a single username (email address) and confidential password.

Can I change my eHomeManage account information?

You can change your account information with the exception of your name online by accessing “Your Account” page.

Can I print information from eHomeManage?

Yes. eHomeManage offers a print friendly page link that will print all your home information in an easy-to read format. You will notice a “PRINT” button at the top of most pages.

Why am I not receiving eHomeManage Messaging notifications?

eHomeManage Messaging will automatically send you an email notifying you that your Home Profile has been updated or one of your tailored Home Reports is due. If you are not receiving emails, it is likely that an old or invalid email has been entered in “Your Account” page. You will need to update your email address before you can start receiving eHomeManage Messaging email notifications.

What should I do if I have a question about my eHomeManage information?

If you do not understand your eHomeManage information you can email your question to info@trust-master.com or call 763-213-0700 and ask to speak to an eHomeManage customer service representative.


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