Family Caregivers

Supporting you to make life better.

Trust Master recognizes the importance of the family caregiver and understands the need to become a valued member of their aging in place support structure. Our mission to support aging
in place gives aging parents and their family caregivers the flexibility to prioritize their time and focus on what matters most – each other!

We empower aging adults to live at home independently while providing stress reducing assistance and peace of mind to family caregivers through a support plan that includes:

  • Home Manager - your loved one's 24/7 dedicated HomeLife Manager is also your irreplaceable liaison so you can function throughout the day without worry.
  • HomeLife Assessment - includes a HomeLife support strategy that allows your loved one to live at home safely and securely.
  • Property Preservation - preventive home inspections and proactive home maintenance gives your loved one the peace of mind of knowing their home is well cared for without having to burden you.
  • Online Tools - includes a comprehensive home profile and tailored home reports so you and your loved one can feel at ease knowing that all activity in and around the home is documented transparently.

Explore Trust Master support plans and pricing now or contact us today to learn more about how we can be a valuable member of your support structure – and your life!


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