We can't do it alone.

Trust Master is about building trust before anything else. If this is how people think about your product or service, then there may be a place for you in our Preferred Provider Network (PPN).

Local Service Providers



Our customer service promise is backed by a trusted network of local service providers who provide our clients with the ultimate customer experience by recognizing and adhering to the Preferred Provider Network (PPN) Code of Conduct and Trust Master Core Values.

In exchange, our local service providers gain access to an "invitation only" lead-generation
source that delivers the following FREE "trusted exclusivity" benefits:

  • Company profile listing through our exclusive PPN Search engine that
    connects you to potential customers searching for your services
  • Future "warm" leads through searchable categories that deliver
    your unique service provider capabilities to qualified inquires
  • Top priority category ranking without top-placement advertising fees
  • PPN interactive marketing that builds brand awareness by delivering
    your relevant service information through a non-obtrusive media
  • Customer "stickiness" through our proprietary eHomeManage technology
    that gives you a continual and pervasive connection to your new customers

This trusted exclusivity ensures that only exceptional performance earns preferred provider status and entry into the Trust Master Preferred Provider Network (PPN). With this trusted exclusivity comes a true motivation to provide exceptional value and superior service.

Product and Service Providers

Trust Master is constantly looking for ways to help our customers save time and money on quality products and services based on their custom home profile, service requirements, and maintenance patterns. We are so passionate about helping our customers save time and money that we have developed a PPN Search engine that allows our customers to evaluate discounted PPN products and services and then purchase them individually or collectively as a group.

If your home-focused product or service has proven itself superior and/or reliable, we'd like to learn more about it. Once your product or service has been reviewed and approved by our network of local service providers and team of expert Home Managers, you'll be invited to interactively market your product or service in a local, relevant and non-obtrusive environment through our proprietary profiling technology.

Our web-based home product and service profiling technology allows you to target our customers effectively without the personal privacy concerns that come with traditional social media. And our customers signal their preferences to their peers virally, through an "informational cascade" that creates momentum for further action from customer and provider. So money you currently spend on expensive advertising and marketing campaigns or CRM can go toward effectively improving your product or service through valuable customer input.

If you think you have what it takes to be a part of our network
of preferred providers then we would like to hear from you.


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