Privacy Policy

Effective Date: November 12, 2010
Trust Master, LLC values the privacy of those who use our web site, products and services and makes all commercially reasonable efforts to protect it. This Privacy Policy covers the collection, use and disclosure of personal information that may be collected any time you interact with eHomeManage, such as when you visit our web site, use or purchase our products and services, or communicate with Trust Master employees. Please read the following to learn more about what information we collect, what we do with that information, and how we may use your personal information.

Privacy & Security Policies
Trust Master has implemented detailed policies and procedures regarding access to all home information by our employees. We have established standards for protection of your home information. We also have carefully outlined the circumstances under which your home information may be released to parties outside the organization. These policies conform to state and federal law and are designed to safegaurd your privacy.
Our employees are educated in our privacy policies. They know they are entitled to access home information only as necessary to provide service to you or for authorized, legitimate reasons. An employee's violation of Trust Master's privacy policies would be considered a serious offense. Failure of an employee to protect customer home information from accidental or unauthorized
access is not tolerated.
For additional information regarding Trust Master Privacy practices, see our notice of Privacy Practices.

Your eHomeManage Information
As we manage your home, we maintain documentation of your home service history to include your homes customized profile, inspection reports, maintenance records and all services provided, including the results of all equipment test and procedures. eHomeManage is an internet application that enables a customer to have secure web-based access to selected information pertaining to their home. eHomeManage also allows secure electronic note messaging. An eHomeManage Provider Note may be created and posted on your permanent eHomeManage Home Profile at the discretion of a professional trust Master Home Manager. Once it is made part of your record, it will be accessible to current and future Trust Master personnel who participate in the management of your

Your Security Responsibilities
When you initially enroll to use eHomeManage you will be given a temporary password, it is recommended that you change the temporary password for confidentiality reasons. You should prevent disclousure of your username and password, and you should change your password if you believe that your security may have been compromised. In addition, you should change your password regularly to help maintain the security of your account. You can change password online at any time by logging into eHomeManage and clicking on "Your Account" option. At this point, you can change your password by typing in your new password in the "New Password" and "Confirm Password" boxes and then clicking the "Submit" button. A new Password will then be automatically emailed to you. If you have any questions about the security of your password, please call Trust Master at 763-213-0700.

Maintenance Messaging Notifications
All communications from eHomeManage Maintenace Messaging is carried over a secure, encrypted connection. While you may receive Maintenance Messaging email notifications, these emails will not contain any confidential information. However, any person with access to the email account to which such messages are sent will be able to see the notifications.

eHomeManage provides access to selected information such as mechanical, plumbing, exterior, structural and electronic inventories. In addition, we provide access to Provider Notes, User Notes, inspection reports, maintenance records, and other information.
Even within categories of information that are generally made availble through eHomeManage, the posting of information is strictly at the discretion of the individual Trust Master Home Manager.
Trust Master reserves the right to terminate access to eHomeManage at anytime, for any reason or no reason. In addition, a user's access to eHomeManage will be terminated if Trust Master determines that the user has misused or abused the system, violated any applicable terms of use, or used the systems purposes other than those for which it is intended to be used.


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