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Our customers say it best.

"Trust Master and their recommended contractors have always been responsive, professional, polite, timely and patient. We have used Trust Master for simple tasks, general maintenance and repair, installation of new appliances and plumbing, as well as complex "the sky is falling" issues. My mother's dedicated HomeLife Manager always has options and solutions for her to choose from. I appreciate how he respectfully explains what the cause of the issues are, what the best products might be to solve the problem and what the next steps are to move forward on a project. One specific complex issue I had needed some creative problem solving, patience and perseverance. And best of all the issue was handled in a timely fashion... thanks again!
Jim & Nancy R., Minnetonka, MN

"As retirees, we no longer want to do the work ourselves; nor do we desire to research contractors and verify contractor qualifications through reference checks. Working with Trust Master has saved us time, money and the angst from working with problem contractors"
Gerry & Marlys T., New Brighton, MN

We are extremely happy with the service that Trust Master provides for us! Our HomeLife Manager is always very professional and easy to work with, and works with integrity and honesty. Whenever any issues crop up, they are dealt with promptly, efficiently and we are always kept well informed, and, if we have any questions or issues we may need help with, he responds right away. They really are a top-notch service that take all the stress out of managing our property - I would recommend them to anyone!!
Suzanne & Todd., Minnetonka, MN

"Besides the quarterly inspections, we also had the two recent events where our pipes froze last year and the quick work they facilitated to ensure it was all fixed before we returned from vacation. Additionally, with the recent snowfall they took care of the work our existing snow service couldn't handle."
Tim D., Oakdale, MN

"Thanks for taking care of the house and the furnace problem. It has made our stay away from home much more enjoyable."
Dan S., Minnetonka, MN

"Your service has been invaluable to us as we try to navigate this house. Your history with the house has been so incredibly helpful. And the service team that you have set up to take care of the house is fantastic. I feel they are all at the top of their fields both as professionals and experts in what they do. For example, it seems like Mike from Kenwood has it committed to his memory what toilets he installed and when. Today he brought a few extra parts of the right size and brand with him because he anticipated there would be a few squeakers, which there were. I mean, that is service at it's best. Two thumbs up!"
Willow A., Bloomington, MN

"Recently we used Trust Master as our property manager on a $5 million residential property located on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota. Their property management plan provided a customized approach with localized attention that easily accommodated our unique property preservation guidelines. We choose Trust Master for the flexible and worry-free solution they offered but what we experienced was much more.

When maintenance service was needed on a hot water heater Trust Master saved us money by identifying an unknown warranty that saved us thousands of dollars. And when making extensive marketability enhancements to the property, they not only saved us time and more money through their preferred provider network, but also ended up being an invaluable liaison between our broker and the buyer to help close the sale of the property in a timely fashion.

Buyers of the Trust Master managed property have the confidence that they are walking into home ownership with complete knowledge that the home has been well maintained while vacant. In addition, the eHomeManage tools used to preserve the property including all associated home history are transferred to the new buyer creating a powerful buyer incentive by eliminating the fear of the unknown.

We now view Trust Master as a critical part of our asset management strategy because they provide the added-value needed to help us with the disposition of the asset as quickly as possible. We strongly recommend Trust Master."
Marty K., VP Special Assets - TCF Bank / Minnetonka, MN

"I'm a single professional female and while I love owning my own single-family home, I just don't always have the time of the inclination to manage all of its maintenance. What I want is the benefit of living in a single family home, but the advantages of a maintenance-free lifestyle that I thought could only be achieved by town home or condo living.

That's where Trust Master came to the rescue. They offer total home maintenance and management services through their website via my home profile. It's low-cost, simple, and personalized to my needs. And I especially like the fact that I can access everything about my home on their secure website offered through their one-stop shopping service. For me, it's absolutely ideal!"
Michelle E., Minneapolis, MN

"I'm divorced with two children. Until I signed on with Trust Master I felt helpless in keeping up my house or not knowing who to call if something went wrong. The peace of mind that goes along with their service is the big thing. I can't imagine owning my house without it! My needs are simple. I need affordability, competence and guidance from an expert. Trust Master's Home Profile and 24/7 customer service gives me all of that and more!"
Ann B., Eden Prairie, MN

"We are VERY busy in our careers and just don't have time to deal with incidental home repairs and on going maintenance. The Trust Master Home Profile and 24/7 customer services saves us time and money! Recently, we've used Trust Master for bigger projects like replacing our sliding patio door. I sure appreciate the worry free living they've helped to provide!"
Cynthia & Jim C., Minnetonka, MN

"Thanks for your understanding and as always, fabulous service!"
Sandra J., St George, MT

"What we were looking for was exactly what Trust Master offered. As expatriates facing long-term travel, we were not interested in renting our vacant home because we wanted a place to come back to in the summer and during the holidays. We wanted our house to be left as we left it. We were also looking for a single point of contact rather than having a consortium of vendors (or neighbors and relatives) watching over our unoccupied house. It was important to us that someone who was knowledgeable about how a house functions inside and out would look after our house. We got all that and more from Trust Master. The weekly e-mail communications we received were also a great source of comfort.

On more than one occasion Trust Master went above and beyond the call of duty. Once they brought a suitcase we left at home to the airport, and another time they checked out an issue at Ray's mother's home. The entire time we were gone, we felt connected to our home. We even got complements from our family about how nice our lawn looked! Leaving our home behind was as worry free as it could possibly be. Thanks Dan and everyone else at Trust Master!"
Ray and LeAnn B., Advantek Inc. / Philippines

"When you are going to leave your home vacant for a long period of time, and basically leave your house keys in the hands of a stranger, it absolutely needs to be someone you can trust. When we were on the verge of becoming Expats with a vacant home in Minnesota, we were looking for more than what a typical property management company would provide. What we got from Trust Master was a personal touch and a sense that they would care for our house as though it were there own. The mail forwarding and the online home profile service with weekly e-mail notes about our house helped us to feel connected to Minnesota during the time we spent in Shanghai. The communication was key! We would recommend Trust Master, not only for Expats like us, but also for elderly people, or retirees and snowbirds who need care once and a while. The personal attention from Trust Master makes it a simple decision to place your house in their hands."
Dan and Mary S., Advantek, Inc. / China

"I've been a realtor for 30+ years and have sold more than 1,200 homes. I'm very selective about whom I will refer my clients to and Trust Master is one of only a handful. If a housing inspection turns up some kind of need, I'll recommend Trust Master because their diverse and have a trusted network of resources to do pretty much any kind of job. They know that this business is all about relationships and about integrity. I have a high degree of confidence in Trust Master and recommend them all the time to my clients who need either interior or exterior repairs or restoration."
Steve E., RE/MAX / Plymouth,MN

"I buy knowledge, experience and more importantly time from Trust Master at a discount. The fact that I can save some money while I'm at it is just icing on the cake!"
Chris H., Woodland, MN


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