Necessity is the mother of innovation.

Trust Master is a service shop and not an internet company, so it might seem odd for us to include online home management tools with our aging in place support plans. The fact is, we didn't develop eHomeManage over six years ago for the sake of being part of web 2.0 – we needed it!

This essential electronic warehouse of information about your home, together with its comprehensive home inventory and service tracking tools, allow us to provide exceptional customer service fast!

Custom Home Profile

Imagine an informational "sketch" of your home that can be accessed by you and your Trust Master HomeLife Manager. Here all relevant information about your home is kept in one neat and orderly, up-to-date online electronic file.

Every aging in place support plan includes a thorough in-home profile of the make, model and serial number of all appliances, mechanical systems, plumbing fixtures, exterior elements and more. We then align local service providers that can provide services specific to your home's unique maintenance and inspection requirements. And we continuously update your Home Profile to help keep track of service records, warranty info and product information with amazing precision.

Tailored Home Reports

Tailored Home Reports outline your home's exact maintenance and service requirements and the customized services that have been performed. Whenever you like, wherever you are, these reports are available for review through our secure web-based eHomeManage portal.


Home History Notes

We make it simple to document your homes service history for future reference with our Home History Notes. And if you ever need service, you can issue a request quickly and easily. This service request feature automatically connects you with one of our trusted service providers aligned with items categorized in your Home Profile. Quick. Customized. Convenient. Trusted. Responsive service.

Online File Manager

All documents related to your home are neatly organized in our proprietary, Online File Manager. Access, review or print your files whenever you like, from anywhere through your internet connection. And should you ever sell your home, all your documents are instantly available to show your home's service history.


Private & Secure

We hold your personal data and your home within the same sacred trust. We live up to our name by protecting your identity and privacy with bank-level security and industry-leading identity protection validated by VeriSign and TRUSTe.

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